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This site is dedicated to a firm belief in the freedom, dignity, responsibility and primacy of the individual and a corresponding philosophy of government.

I had originally intended this site to promote the virtues of individual freedom, responsibility and rights as a driving philosophy of government.  Recent events have brought issues relating to the coronavirus epidemic to the forefront, so for some time into the future, the focus will likely be on those issues.  I have two goals in this regard.  One is to give people accurate information to consider and guidance in thinking logically about how to solve the problems we face as a nation and society.  The second is to encourage an actual public discussion about what appropriate measures should be taken.  We all need to raise our voices, whatever our perspective and let it be heard and insist that our politicians conduct hearings, take evidence and make considered decisions that are in the best interest of our society as a whole.  So I encourage you all to be involved in that process.

More information on coronavirus is available at