What the Heck is a Coronavirus?

By March 26, 2020 March 29th, 2020 Commentary

Some excellent background on coronavirus is contained in a medical textbook found at this link.  (coronavirus info)  I know this is dated, but I am trying to find something free for people.  And if you are interested in some comparative information on orthomyxoviruses, which is a mouthful and the technical name for influenza viruses, look at that chapter in the same book.  One interesting aspect you will notice about coronaviruses is that apparently human antibodies once infected may not have long-lasting protective effects.  I am not sure why that should be so, but if true it would be concerning because it would raise the risk of reinfections in future years.  Then there is also Wikipedia.  (Wik. Page)

Please note also that coronaviruses are very common, we all likely have been exposed to them and heretofore have largely been an annoyance, rather than the cause of a serious illness, which the exception of the SARS and MERS variations, which were very serious, more so than this strain.

General information can be found at the Centers for Disease Control  (CDC Website)

The National Institutes for Health website is at (NIH Website)

If you insist on torturing yourself with coronavirus statistics, here are a couple of sources.  Worldometer  (Worldometer site)

Johns Hopkins  (JH Website)

Statista  (Statista site)

And a site that tracks the number of tests conducted and results.  Very useful because you can see that even among people who think they have some reason to be tested, the positive rate is under 20%.  And you get some interesting commentary on the data issues by state.   (test tracking)

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