Why This Website?

By March 27, 2020 March 28th, 2020 Commentary

People have asked why another website related to coronavirus, and more broadly, political and government philosophies.  At some point, we all either sit and passively accept the information we see and hear, or we get data for ourselves, analyze it, and form our own perspectives.  And if we are convinced that the public at large is being misled and that bad decisions are being made, it is incumbent upon us to make our views known to the decision makers.  I am very fortunate to have resources to put forth information which in my opinion is more accurate and to encourage people to consider that information and other data they find and to express their perspectives to decision makers.

I am not a doctor or a scientist.  I have worked for over 45 years in health care.  I regularly read and write about health care research.  So I believe I have a fairly informed perspective.  But I encourage people to get all the information they can find and consider all perspectives.  I will try to provide links to research and information I think will be helpful.

I know there are people who try to turn everything into a partisan political issue and discount or overvalue what they hear based on that.  I am not a member of any political party.  As you might guess by the introductory phrase about this website, I am basically a small government libertarian.  But I work very hard to avoid in any way letting politics influence what I think.  I don’t think coronavirus is a “hoax” or a “conspiracy theory”.  It is a serious health problem and needs to be addressed as such.  My concern is whether sufficient information is being gathered and weighed to determine the best course of action.  My guide for that course of action is what creates the most good for the greatest number of people, or does the least harm to the affected population.

I am very concerned about the decisions being made and the process by which those decisions are made.  I am very concerned about the lack of balance between protecting the population against infection, disease and death and maintaining an economy which sustains people’s daily lives.  I believe bad decisions about locking down the economy have made on the basis of fear, without adequate consideration of the damage of those measures.

Most of all, I am very concerned about the impact on low and middle-income Americans.  Loss of a job is devastating.  These people don’t have resources to protect themselves when they lose a job and they don’t have the resources to make their voices heard.  So I hope I can be at least somewhat of a voice for them; a voice that says the effect on their lives needs to be considered as well.

And I strongly encourage everyone to donate to help these people.  Find organizations that provide food, clothing, shelter, health care and other resources for the millions who being so adversely affected and donate generously.

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