We Are Destroying Our Health Care System

By April 20, 2020 Commentary

In perhaps the most ironic twist of the pathetic saga of coronavirus madness, we are destroying our health care system.  There has been all this talk of overwhelming the health care system, which hasn’t happened anywhere, so that people might think all health care providers and facilities are extremely busy.  The opposite is true.  Most hospitals are empty.  The despicable fear-mongering about how terrible the virus is, coupled with stay-at-home and lockdown orders have convinced the public that they are going to get sick and die.  So of course, people are avoiding doing many things, including seeking health care that they need.  In addition, the governments strongly encouraged facilities to stop doing elective procedures.  The result is that we have a health system which is having a revenue crisis.  Health care workers are being laid off at an alarming rate.  Some hospitals have already filed for bankruptcy and many others will.

One of the businesses I work with manages transplants and other complex therapies.  We work with the most prestigious medical institutions and physicians around the country.  One of them told us that their institution had so few patients that they are going to go broke and have to shut down.  This physician, an absolute top expert in his field, practicing at one of the very most elite academic medical centers, said that while coronavirus is terrible, we have to open back up and restart the economy or we won’t have a health care system.  He is not alone in this concern, google and you will find a number of articles on this theme.  And increasingly doctors are concerned that patients who really need health care are too fearful to get it and that this will lead to exacerbations of illness and even death.  But of course, those deaths don’t mean anything, only the ones due to coronavirus count.


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