We Are Not All In This Together

By April 25, 2020 Commentary

One thing I get very weary from is the constant talk about how we are all in this together.  The implication is that we are all suffering equally and all bearing the burden of the extreme shutdowns ordered by the Governor and all being equally protected by his wonderful actions.  First of all, no consideration at all was given to what would happen to people’s jobs and lives.  The Governor had no models run, no analysis done, of how many jobs would be lost, how many lives would be destroyed by the shutdown orders.  People should be judged by what they do, not what they say.  He didn’t give a damn about how many jobs were lost, he didn’t care how many small businesses were gone for good.  He didn’t care about people who aren’t getting health care they need, about increases in drug and alcohol abuse, about increases in suicides, divorces, mental illness, homelessness.  If he did, why didn’t he do analyses of those harms and why don’t we see those results right alongside those models he showed us of all the deaths from coronavirus, models that by way keep getting significantly lowered all the time.  And why in the daily briefings don’t we get those numbers, why don’t we see all those harms that are being done?

So don’t tell me how important it is that we protect every life, when the only lives that seem to count are the ones that might be ended by coronavirus.  And even then, the state can’t seem to do anything to protect the long-term care population.  If we really cared about everyone, and really thought we are all in this together, we would be doing what provided the greatest good for the greatest number of Minnesotans, and that would definitely not be the current course of action.

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