Lies, Lies and More Lies from Our Supposed Leaders

By May 8, 2020 Commentary

There is an email circulating about the Worthington meatpacking plant on Twitter, so take it for what its worth. (Update, the email came from the CEO of a large hog-raising operation in the area)  But out of 2700 employees, apparently 1200 were positive, 90% asymptomatic, 12 hospitalized, almost all released, no deaths.  Yeah, this is way worse than the flu.  The Governor just keeps trying to scare everyone about how dangerous this virus is.   It has gotten to the point where all you can say is that he is lying now, anyone can look at the data like I do and see that other than the frail elderly it isn’t any more dangerous than hundreds of other things.  I am pretty fed up with this.

Meanwhile, out of 26 new deaths reported in the state today, 25 were to LTC residents.  The “battle plan” is working really well so far.

And meanwhile the lockdowns are killing children and others far more than coronavirus is, in large part because the Governor and other leaders have recklessly scared people and misled them about the risk, so that they aren’t seeking needed health care.  The Centers for Disease Control says that children are missing vaccines in large numbers.

A bad way to end the day.

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