Minnesota Excess Deaths, Part I

By July 10, 2020 Commentary

I was in the middle of my analysis and I ran across a dashboard that the Centers for Disease Control has on its website.  You can look by state and see excess deaths by cause for 2020 compared to five prior years.  I was blown away, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.  Look below, this is the direct graph from the CDC.  This is an astounding indictment of the state’s policy.  Share this far and wide.  This is what you see.  For respiratory deaths, which include coronavirus (I think), deaths in 2020 are right in the middle of the pack.  This demonstrates very clearly that coronavirus deaths are just substituting for influenza and pneumonia deaths.  But look at all the other causes of deaths, very common ones.  2020 is at the top or above, in some cases significantly above all the prior years.  This is testament to the deaths caused by the lockdown and by the fear-mongering campaign waged by the Governor.  His terrorization of the population is directly responsible for these excess deaths, which even in 2020 are likely to be greater than those from coronavirus.  I knew there would be an effect, but I did not expect it to be of this magnitude or this quickly.  It is terribly sad, unnecessary and shocking.

A quick update, I should have included the link to the dashboard.  (Excess Deaths DB)   You have to select Minnesota from the drop down menu and you can get a variety of views and the underlying data tables.  Please note that I am trying to figure out if the coronavirus deaths are definitely in respiratory, the technical notes, etc. are unclear, and I am looking at other spreadsheets and the data table to try to figure that out.  What is clear is the excess deaths in the other categories.

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