Masks and Cases

By July 28, 2020 Commentary

Thanks to Darin Oenning for doing this work.  We were curious about the relationship between mask use in various countries, as reported by the survey I posted on earlier, and cases.  Here is the answer–none.  Running mask use against cases per million of population shows about as low a correlation as you could have, basically zero.  A country’s population wears masks a lot, it may or may not have a lot of cases.  A country’s population has a low rate of mask wearing, it may or may not have a lot of cases.  Yep, masks are a silver bullet into the werewolf of coronavirus.  And don’t forget California, the mask mandate really worked there to prevent a surge of cases.  This story points out that daily cases in the state have risen 162% since their idiot Governor imposed a mask mandate.  (Cal. Story)   Yep, masks will do the trick.

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