Competition Among States

By August 15, 2020 Commentary

Our states continue to compete for the most absurd policies or statements in regard to the epidemic.  Wisconsin may have the new winner.  Apparently a state agency told employees they have to wear masks on zoom calls, so that they send the right message.  (Wis. Story)   You can’t make this up, this is like an SNL skit (when SNL was actually funny).  What is the “right” message–I am a moron and so is my boss.  I surround myself with the virus even when sitting in my house.  The mask delusion marches on.

But we shouldn’t feel too comfortable here in Minnesota, our brilliant, meaning a light bulb placed in the middle of his skull would shine unimpeded out his ears, commissioner of (un)Employment and (un)Economic Development wrote an editorial in our supposed leading newspaper in which he whined that we really need to renew the $600 a week excess unemployment payment, because Minnesotans are still out of work and need it.  This ding-dong, who is supposedly responsible for advising the Dictator on economic issues, did no analysis or studies before the lockdowns were enacted and was shocked at the depth of job loss and business closures.  It is your and the Dictator’s fault that those people are unemployed and you haven’t done a thing to bring back all those jobs that minorities and low-income people lost.

I eagerly await the next pearl of wisdom emanating from the drooling jaws of our political leaders.

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