The Axis of Evil, Updated

By August 15, 2020 Commentary

I know I can get carried away at times and I may have last nite, but it is hard for me to overstate how strongly I feel about what has happened to the most vulnerable segments of our population–low income households, minorities, people with health issues–as a result of irrational responses to the epidemic.  These people are voiceless and their lives are being trampled.

The blithe manner in which issues like people missing health care or people having their jobs and businesses taken away from them are dealt with in this editorial is typical of the clueless attitude elites have toward the lives of lower-income and minority citizens.  People like Slavitt and Osterholm and Kashkari have no idea what these people’s daily lives are like; have no idea of the continual stress and anxiety they face, even in good times.  I literally think it would be appropriate to force them to give up all their assets and income and take their families and go live like a low-income person in these circumstances.  Maybe it would help them develop a little empathy.

And passing over people dying because they don’t get cancer treatment or don’t go to an emergency room with heart attack symptoms, or children who don’t get vaccinated, the ongoing rise in overdoses and child and domestic abuse, with a meaningless “we know there may be health issues but doctors have figured out to deal with them”, is just unfathomable.  It betrays the depth of ignorance of what is actually happening among these so-called experts, a failure to keep up with research and data, and it reflects an unwillingness to accept that obsessing about limiting the epidemic has very real health impacts.

So I am sorry in one way for foaming at the mouth about these horrifying proposals, but the complete lack of recognition of the harms and the complete absence of balance in considering how all of our citizens would be affected mandates that we all speak out strongly.  I have written an op-ed in response to the Osterholm/Kashkari piece, but I doubt the Star Tribune  will publish it, so I will post it here in full shortly.

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