Lies from South Carolina

By August 22, 2020 Commentary

The maskos feel no shame about manipulating data and outright lying to justify mask mandates that have no effect on transmission.  A few weeks ago the Kansas health department got caught faking data comparing counties with and without mask mandates.  Now South Carolina, which had a surge in cases for a few weeks, claimed that cases declined more in counties with mask requirements.  Andy Slavitt was re-peddling this untruth.  Unfortunately for them, by the time the mandates went into effect cases had already peaked and as you can see from the charts below, there is no apparent difference in trend for counties with and without mandates.  In fact, it looks like counties with more cases enacted mandates in response to the higher cases, but it made no difference in the rate of growth or decline.  If anything, the counties with mask mandates had higher growth rates.   Thanks to Twitter for the charts.


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